6595 Scanlan Ave


  • - Apartment Number: 4E?
  • - Bedrooms: 1
  • - Bathrooms: 1.0
  • - Rent: 750
  • - Square Footage: 0
  • - Vacancy: Vacant
  • - Apartment Complex Name: Sir Ivanhoe 12 Duplicates
  • - Policing: 12th District
  • - Washer and Dryer: Coin Operated
  • - Parking: Lot available, also is on a corner
  • - Utilities: Gas, electric, and AC ?????

  • - Notes:

    Need to update square footage

    Replace WasherDryer info with actual washer/dryer info. Replace Parking with something better Replace Utilities with the actual utilities. Double check that the policing is actually 12th district.

Bathroom Bathroom Closet Bathroom Sink and Cabinet Bed Bedroom Bedroom From Corner by Closet Courtyard Kitchen Cabinets Kitchen Closet Kitchen Counter Kitchen Space Kitchen and Living Room Living Room Living Room From Kitchen Living Room and Door 1 Parking lot Patio Angle Shot Patio Corner Patio Head On Second Parking Lot Shower Cat in Bedroom Window